A Slightly Humorous Printed Magazine, 1st Issue out in 2019

The Laughter directory is a new print and digital magazine full of light-hearted jokes, cartoons, verse, anecdotes and anything else with a humorous air.

With quite a lot of pages of gentle side tickling content you can spend a few idle minutes with, we hope you'll be encouraged to submit a bit of your own humour. We'd love to accept submissions of clean humorous content, anything a three year old would be able to see.

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half an A4 page advertThe Laughter Directory is distributed / dropped in waiting rooms. Anywhere you wait. It can be picked up, taken home, left for the next person. This means it hangs around in a stubbornly persistent way. More chance for your advert so be seen!

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Random Joke Generator

Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?Because they’re so good at it.
My girlfriend changed a lot after she became vegan.Its like I've never seen herbivore.
Why are written puns worse than puns spoken aloud?Puns on paper are tearable

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